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Q.  Should I take the ACT or the SAT?


A.  All schools accept both ACT and SAT, and there’s not really a preference for one versus the other. Generally we recommend students start with ACT prep. As we get to know their strengths and weaknesses, we can identify if it makes sense to switch. The momentum from ACT prep carries over to SAT prep nicely; students are used to moving quickly and now can slow down as they take SAT.


Q. When should I consider starting ACT/SAT tutoring?

A.  Junior year is typically a great time to start. By then, students will have learned the skills they need and covered the relevant topics necessary to take this test. Our program’s benchmark exam at the start of our prep process ensures we find the best fit timeline for each individual student’s success.


Q. How many times should I take the test?

A.  We always prep for two tests. Most students benefit from a third. The first test acts like a progress report on the work the student has done up to this point. Scores don’t come out for 2-3 weeks after, which is time that could be spent prepping for the second test. The second test allows execution issues to be ironed out and corrected. Overall it gives a higher chance of success.


Q. When should I take the test?

A. We always hear it:

“October is the easy test because not many people take it …”
“September should be avoided because that’s mostly Seniors …”
“April is the easiest because all the public school students have to take it …”

None of it is true.

Each test is curved. But it’s curved based on ACT’s internal review that has nothing to do with who took it or how they performed.

As proof, Matt has taken a test and seen the same exam 2 years later. The curve was identical after both administrations of the exam (which occurred in different months, too!)

So don’t worry about the “best time” to take the test. The best time to take it is when YOU are most prepared. It’s our job to help you do exactly that.