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how WE think:

an education is about more than what you know…



It’s about kindling a fire within each student; it’s about growth and overcoming barriers — many that are self imposed.

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking

It’s about understanding at a depth that frees you of the anxieties of cramming and memorizing and agonizing over your GP.



It’s about overcoming big challenges by identifying the small steps you can take — and then taking them!

an education is more than a GPA and a diploma …

Real World!

There’s one question that every student wants to ask, and no teacher wants to answer: When am I going to use this in the “real world”?

real world experience

If school becomes a grade-seeking battle won by cramming your head full of facts, then your cynicism is well-founded: you probably won’t use this in the “real world.”

qualified instructors

But if you can focus your education on learning how to think … then what could you possibly use more?

At The Think Tank, teaching you to think is — quite literally — central to who we are. We pride ourselves on stoking the fire of intellectual curiosity and making learning fun, whether in test prep or academic tutoring.

So, when are you going to use this in the real world? How about this: when won’t you?